Why People Are Choosing ChallengeCoins4Less.com

Have you been challenged for a coin check before? If so, you must know how crucial it is to carry your military coin whenever and wherever you may go. But for those who are not yet aware of the challenge coin practice, it’s high time to know about the products and services offered by www.challengecoins4less.com and why more and more people are choosing this company.

Going Back to the Past

During the First World War, American volunteers joined the newly-formed flying regiments in Europe. Some came from Harvard and Yale (they quit their midterms and decided to volunteer in the squadron). A rich lieutenant bought medallions made of solid bronze to present to his team. One pilot put his medallion inside a leather pouch and wore it around his neck. But an incident put his life in danger. The aircraft that the pilot was using got damaged and landed in the enemy’s territory.

Challenge Coin

But when the French officer was about to end his life, the pilot presented his medallion to prove his identity. They verified the statement of the pilot and found out he is an American. At the moment, he was immediately released and brought back to his home country. The medallion saved his life and so now, challenge coins are widely used to prove one’s identity or membership. You will usually see these medallions in military units, government agencies, and other organizations as offered by manufacturers like www.ChallengeCoins4Less.com.

Things to Follow when Using Military Coins from www.challengecoins4less.com

Perhaps, you’ve heard about the rules in carrying challenge coins. Here’s a list of the ruling that you need to know when it comes to using your coins:

  • The rules should be properly explained to new holders.
  • The coin should be worn or carried all the time. This will give you the opportunity to challenge someone, anytime and anywhere. In addition, you have to draw your coin without exceeding four steps to present it.
  • When challenging a person, you should say whether it’s for only one drink or more.
  • Challenge CoinsIf you fail to present your coin, you will be the one to buy the drinks. This can be really expensive on your part, so you need to discipline yourself when it comes to coin bearing. However, once the coinless challengee or offender has bought them drinks, they cannot be challenged for a second time.
  • If the people being challenged are able to present their coins, the challenger will be the one to buy their drinks. Again, this can be expensive on your part so be wise before challenging anyone.
  • One important reminder is that you can never give your coin to someone during a challenge. If you do, that coin will be theirs and not yours anymore.
  • For lost coins, you can ask for replacement. New coins are given as replacement since losing one will not relieve you from your responsibilities.
  • Another important reminder is that there’s no exception to these rules. Clothed or unclothed, these rules apply so you better carry your coin all the time.
  • Coins cannot be worn as belt buckles, necklaces, or key chains. It should be held around your neck as the most proper way of carrying it.
  • Coins are controlled all the time. Passing it to someone is like welcoming everyone to your fraternity. This is a privilege and honor to the bearer and respect is required when bearing them. An awarded or given coin has greater value than those bought from novelty shops.
  • You are not allowed to drill any hole on your coin, or physically modify it in any way.
  • These rules are applicable to all coin bearers. It doesn’t matter where they’ve acquired it. Purchased, awarded, or previously owned, you should comply with these rules or face the consequences.

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