Welcome to I Heart Sophia, One of the many sources for actress Sophia Bush, who gained recognition as Brooke Davis in One Tree Hill. She also played roles in movie as "John Tucker Must Die" and "Chalet Girl". She currently stars as Erin Lindsay in CBS Chicago P.D. Welcome to this fansite!! Our goal is to provide the latest news, pics and info about Sophia. I hope you enjoy your stay Aniek


Current Projects

Chicago P.D.
Sophia Bush as Erin Lindsay
Follows District 21 of the Chicago Police Department, which is made up of two distinctly different groups: the uniformed cops and the Intelligence Unit.
Genre: Crime | TV Series
Airdate: Wednesday 10:00 PM on NBC
Chicago Fire
Sophia Bush as Erin Lindsay
The show explores the lives, both professional and personal, of the firefighters and paramedics of the Chicago Fire Department at the quarters of Engine Co. 51, Truck Co. 81, Rescue Squad Co. 3, and Ambulance 61.
Genre: Crime | TV Series
Airdate: Tuesdays 10/9c on NBC

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Sophia Bush Designs Water Bobble For Charity

Posted by Aniek on Aug 15th, 2011 • Media ,News0 Comments

Sophia Bush has designed a limited edition bobble, the reusable water bottle that filters water as you drink, to raise proceeds in aid of The Nature Conservancy.

Sophia took part in the San Francisco Marathon in July and raised an impressive $50,000 through Crowdrise to support TNC, which aims to protect the lands and waters that plants, animals and natural communities need to survive.

These limited edition bobbles are still available for purchase on www.waterbobble.com and 50% of purchases go to TNC.


2011 VH1 Do Something Awards

Posted by Aniek on Aug 15th, 2011 • Gallery ,News ,Public Events0 Comments

Sophia and many other celebs attended the VH1 Do Somethings awards yesterday in West Hollywood. I added several MQ’s and HQ’s to the gallery. I will add more once these arrive.

-August 14th: 2011 VH1 Do Something Awards

001.jpg 011.jpg 003.jpg 007.jpg 005.jpg

Gavin DeGraw Gets Support from Celeb Pals

Posted by Aniek on Aug 11th, 2011 • News ,Sophia's Twitter0 Comments

Get well soon, Gavin DeGraw

The 34-year-old singer was released from the hospital Tuesday, but he’s still recovering from Monday morning’s vicious attack in NYC. He canceled his scheduled Wednesday morning appearance on Live with Regis and Kelly and pulled out of his Aug. 12 and Aug. 13 shows, but fellow artists are voicing their support for the crooner to heal quickly. 

Well wishes came from One Tree Hill actress Sophia Bush. (DeGraw’s hit song “I Don’t Want to Be” was the show’s opening theme for several seasons.) “[This attack] is horrendous,” Bush, 29, tweeted Tuesday. “Send love to Gavin!”

One Tree Hill Season 9 Press Release

Posted by Aniek on Jul 27th, 2011 • News ,One Tree Hill ,Season 90 Comments


Season eight of ONE TREE HILL saw the characters moving away from glamour, fame and wealth and instead dealing with the delicate balance that contemporary twenty-somethings face as they endeavor to build and define what their lives will be. Fashion designer Brooke Davis lost her company but found love with Julian Baker, was married and gave birth to twins. Haley James Scott supported her husband Nathan as he lost his NBA career to an injury, but she also won a personal battle with depression and ultimately gave birth to a daughter to compliment their son Jamie. Nathan’s friend and business partner Clay Evans survived an attack by the psychotic Katie to find love and happiness with Quinn James, who not only survived the same attack, but also vanquished the threat of Katie in a harrowing confrontation. Alex Dupré began a promising singing career and also a promising relationship with Chase Evans, who joined the Air Force and returned with a newfound maturity and perspective. And Millicent Huxtable began a broadcasting career, ultimately launching a morning show with her boyfriend Mouth McFadden.

In season nine, how will Brooke and Julian juggle parenthood and their very young careers? With Nathan traveling more as an agent, how will Haley’s life change with a second child, an increasingly independent Jamie, and a busy café to run? Is a wedding in store for Quinn and Clay? Or Mouth and Millicent? And what’s to become of Alex and Chase and their burgeoning romance? Following a fictional four year jump in time, “One Tree Hill” has now spent four seasons exploring the experiences of twenty-somethings. Season nine will continue to grow and break new ground, as the show approaches the rarified air of 200 episodes.

The series stars Sophia Bush as Brooke Davis, Bethany Joy Galeotti as Haley James Scott, James Lafferty as Nathan Scott, Robert Buckley as Clay Evans, Austin Nichols as Julian Baker, Shantel VanSanten as Quinn James and Jackson Brundage as Jamie Scott.

ONE TREE HILL was created by Mark Schwahn and is executive produced by Schwahn, Joe Davola, Greg Prange, Mike Tollin and Brian Robbins. The series is produced by Mastermind Laboratories and Tollin-Robbins Productions in association with Warner Bros. Television.

Sophia Bush Talks (Healthy) Food

Posted by Aniek on Jul 26th, 2011 • News0 Comments

What’s in Sophia Bush’s fridge? “Right now nothing!” the “One Tree Hill” star says. Bush, who is currently living in North Carolina, is well-known as an animal rights activist and environmentalist within the Hollywood sphere and says that she tries to ensure the food she eats comes from local farms where animals are raised and treated humanely.

“There are a couple of farms here in North Carolina that I like,” she says. “And you know the farmers, and know that the animals weren’t living in cages and that they were treated humanely.”
Still, the star says that when she gets busy, she tends to eat out a lot and that instead of home cooking, her fridge is often stocked with to-go boxes.

When the actress is at home, here are three foods she can’t live without:

1. Oatmeal. Bush says she tries to keep a lot of healthy, whole grains in the house, including oatmeal. And why not? Oatmeal is nutritious, versatile and makes for a satisfying breakfast (not to mention it’s a superfood for better sex)! What’s not to like?

2. Brown rice. This whole grain is another smart choice. A half cup of brown rice has almost 2 grams of fiber, while its counterpart, white rice, has none. And not only can you cook brown rice with basically anything, but it’s full of manganese — which is an anti-aging property — and antioxidants.

3. Kilwin’s ice cream. Ok, so the ice cream itself isn’t really that healthy. But it is healthy to indulge once in a while. “When I’m in North Carolina, I can’t get enough of it,” Bush says. “I’m like a bloodhound; I can pick up the scent a mile away.” It’s all about balance — it is important to maintain a healthy diet of whole grains, fruits and vegetables, but it’s also important to enjoy yourself once in a while, and sometimes that means letting yourself give in to your cravings — whatever they may be.


Again more Charles Bush additions

Posted by Aniek on Jul 26th, 2011 • Gallery ,Photoshoots0 Comments

Yay! I found 10 more pics of the Charles Bush photoshoot from 2009. You can check them out by clicking one of the links below. Personally i like the 7th and 8th pic the most! Which one do you prefer? Let me know by leaving a comment!!!

Charles Bush (2009)

010.jpg  009.jpg  008.jpg  007.jpg  006.jpg

005.jpg  004.jpg  003.jpg  001.jpg  002.jpg

Chalet Girl screencaptures

Posted by Aniek on Jul 24th, 2011 • Chalet Girl (2011) ,Gallery ,Screencaptures0 Comments

I finally added my captures of Sophia’s movie from 2010 “Chalet Girl”! The caps are in HD quality! Sophia did an amazing job, although her part was very small. Check them out by following the link below.

–  2010 – Chalet Girl > Screencaptures

006.jpg  019.jpg  035.jpg  059.jpg  067.jpg

070.jpg  079.jpg  091.jpg  103.jpg  122.jpg

128.jpg  145.jpg  159.jpg  215.jpg  213.jpg

Celebrities React To News Of Amy Winehouse’s Death

Posted by Aniek on Jul 24th, 2011 • News ,Sophia's Twitter0 Comments

Celebrities flocked to Twitter Saturday after news broke that Grammy Award-winning singer Amy Winehouse was found dead in her London home. It is suspected that Winehouse suffered a fatal drug overdose but an official cause of death will be determined by an autopsy, to be performed Sunday. Winehouse has publicly battled both drug and alcohol addiction, and was most recently admitted to a rehab facility back in May.

Celebrities, including Demi Moore, Sophia Bush, Anderson Cooper, and Winehouse’s close friend Kelly Osbourne mourned the late singer on the social networking site.

Another 18 Charles Bush additions

Posted by Aniek on Jul 22nd, 2011 • Gallery ,News ,Photoshoots0 Comments

The photoshoot Sophia did in 2009 by Charles Bush again has some new additions. I added 18 MQ’s to the gallery with new unseen pics. Check them out!

Charles Bush (2009) +18
– Last uploads 

CB_Aniek_018.jpg  CB_Aniek_017.jpg  CB_Aniek_016.jpg  CB_Aniek_015.jpg  CB_Aniek_014.jpg

CB_Aniek_004.jpg  CB_Aniek_009.jpg  CB_Aniek_013.jpg    CB_Aniek_012.jpg  CB_Aniek_011.jpg 

CB_Aniek_001.jpg  CB_Aniek_002.jpg  CB_Aniek_008.jpg  CB_Aniek_010.jpg  CB_Aniek_006.jpg

Jillian Michaels Leads Massive Protest For PETA

Posted by Aniek on Jul 22nd, 2011 • News0 Comments

Sophia was not there with Jillian to protest.. Appareantly she only gave Twitter support.

Exercise guru Jillian Michaels led a massive protest outside the Staples Center in Los Angeles today to demand that Ringling Bros. circus abides by Los Angeles laws forbidding sick animals from working and that the circus free the elephants from their dismal lives in chains and boxcars.

Joined by stars such as Twilight’s Christian Serratos and The Secret Life of the American Teenager’s Renee Olstead – with the Twitter support of Sophia Bush, Kellan Lutz, Alicia Witt and Sasha Grey – Jillian led hundreds of protestors outside Ringling’s new show, Fully Charged.

“These animals should be allowed to live as nature intended—free from beatings, chains, and screaming crowds,” says Michaels, who recently visited Africa to see elephants in their natural habitat. “Their enslavement by the circus means they spend their lives in chains and stuffy train cars with no freedom to roam, and they suffer painful, fatal ailments that come from such a stressful existence.”

Because they get almost no exercise, PETA says numerous elephants used by Ringling Bros. suffer crippling arthritis — a leading cause of euthanasia for captive elephants.

To read more about the protest, click here.

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