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She recently hosted the VH1 Do Something Awards on July 31, and now Sophia Bush is dishing on her community service efforts.

During a recent Q&A session with ELLE magazine, the former “One Tree Hill” star dished about becoming a spokesperson for Give With Target and her reaction to meeting the first lady of the United States, Michelle Obama.

Check out a few highlights from Miss Bush’s interview below. For more, be sure to visit ELLE!

On teaming up with Target:
“I was joking a couple of months ago saying, ‘If I had millions of dollars, I would just be working on education in America.’ Then, a group of us were having dinner for Lauren Bush Lauren’s FEED launch with Target, and I was talking about education. One of the creatives from the office was like, ‘Do you know what we do in September? We give away millions of dollars.’ It was sort of a perfect thing. Target commits five percent of its profits to charity every year.”

On her other career aspirations:
“I mean, who doesn’t secretly want to be a musician and make music like Johnnyswim or The Lumineers and just play the guitar acoustically all day? But if I wasn’t an actor, I’d probably be working in journalism. [I would write about] Current events: issue-based, expository things happening in the world. Some are hard, some are uplifting, some are really inspiring. I love that whole space. I just spoke at a conference for 1,500 young people about what it means to be a global citizen—to hold a passport that gives you entry into every country in the world. That’s a luxury we have now. If it were my job to run around and explore that, I would be pretty excited.”

On meeting Michelle:
“I just froze. I died. I’ve met [the President] once before, and I’ve worked with them on a few things, but I hadn’t met Michelle. [When I was introduced to] the First Lady, she said, ‘Well, look at you with your bangs! You know I’m just trying to be you!’ And pointed to my bangs and back at her face. And then I died. And I realized I was just staring at her. I think I actually audibly said, ‘I love you.’ And then I realized I was being awkward, and I turned around and walked away. Some Secret Service person was going to be like, ‘You’re having a seizure, you have to go.’ It was a pretty great compliment.”

On politics:
“I would like to work on policy, but I find politics to be incredibly frustrating and slow-moving, and all of that bureaucracy and red tape just makes me crazy. I would be the first one to show up and just start yelling, ‘This is ridiculous!’ I don’t know if that would be the thing [to do]. I’d sort of prefer to affect it, outside in. We’ll see—who knows. Ask me in ten years!”

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Sophia Bush, 31, looks like summertime belles in ornately patterned dresses as she attended the Invisible Children awareness-raising event in Los Angeles, on Saturday night.

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Sophia Bush is smashing while arriving at the 2013 Do Something Awards at Avalon on Wednesday (July 31) in Hollywood. The 31-year-old actress was seen posing on the yellow carpet with her boyfriend Dan Fredinburg.

Sophia is the host for the event, which honors celebrities for being amazing social change and creating substantial change in our world.

“The biggest #unselfishselfie yet!! #DSAwards audience and all! @DoSomething @VH1,”

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Sophia Bush had giving rather than receiving on the brain for her 31st birthday.

The actress celebrated on Monday night at Hotel Chantelle on the Lower East Side but specifically asked her guests not to bring gifts, dished a source. Instead, she asked pals to donate to the charity Pencils of Promise, a nonprofit that builds schools.

At the party, Bush and 30 of her closest friends took in live jazz tunes and indulged in a tasting menu from newly appointed executive chef — and longtime Bush pal — Seth Levine.

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Happy 31st Birthday, Sophia Bush! (July 8th, 1982)

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Sophia Bush lets out a laugh as she does some shopping at The Grove on Monday (June 24) in Los Angeles. The 30-year-old actress, who was accompanied by a gal pal, left some stores with numerous bags full of goodies! Sophia just returned from Jaime Feld‘s bachelorette party in Las Vegas! Jaime is engaged to marry Kevin Zegers.

“Anatomy of a bachelorette party. jaimefeld #Zegers2013 #Happening #MaskedMavens” Sophia tweeted over the weekend. “Who better to DJ #Zegers2013 than our besties @TheJaneDoze? #getthis #music #ladies #ladiesnight #bachelorette”

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They’re always up for a good time, and on Wednesday (June 19) stars of all kinds gathered in Brooklyn for the Target and Lauren Bush Lauren celebrate FEED collaboration event.

Stars to attend were Sophia Bush, who struck a pose in velvety black skinnies and a matching blazer with a star pattern. The collection, which will feature clothing, home, and active items, arrives at Target stores on June 30 with the tagline: Introducing a collection that gives meals to children and families across America.

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The 30-year-old actress recently took toTwitter to deliver a message about her private life. “Dear humans who ask me ridiculously inappropriate ?s about my personal life-I’m sure you mean well-but stop. PERSONAL means ‘not public.’ xo”Sophia wrote on her account.

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Sophia Bush: The Max Mara and W Magazine Cocktail Party to Honor the Women In Film Max Mara Face of the Future Awards
The One Tree Hill actress paired a metallic t-shirt with a pencil skirt by Sportmax for the June 11 event in Beverly Hills. Check out pictures in our gallery. You can follow the links below.

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I added candids of Sophia on May 28th and May 29th doing some shopping and leaving a nail saloon in Beverly Hills.

001.jpg  011.jpg  023.jpg  026.jpg  025.jpg

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