Welcome to I Heart Sophia, One of the many sources for actress Sophia Bush, who gained recognition as Brooke Davis in One Tree Hill. She also played roles in movie as "John Tucker Must Die" and "Chalet Girl". She currently stars as Erin Lindsay in CBS Chicago P.D. Welcome to this fansite!! Our goal is to provide the latest news, pics and info about Sophia. I hope you enjoy your stay Aniek


Current Projects

Chicago P.D.
Sophia Bush as Erin Lindsay
Follows District 21 of the Chicago Police Department, which is made up of two distinctly different groups: the uniformed cops and the Intelligence Unit.
Genre: Crime | TV Series
Airdate: Wednesday 10:00 PM on NBC
Chicago Fire
Sophia Bush as Erin Lindsay
The show explores the lives, both professional and personal, of the firefighters and paramedics of the Chicago Fire Department at the quarters of Engine Co. 51, Truck Co. 81, Rescue Squad Co. 3, and Ambulance 61.
Genre: Crime | TV Series
Airdate: Tuesdays 10/9c on NBC

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Sophia at Decades on Melrose, Los Angeles

Posted by Aniek on Feb 28th, 2013 • Candids ,Gallery0 Comments

I added the latest candids of Sophia to the gallery. She was spotted shopping in LA. Enjoy!

001.jpg  002.jpg  003.jpg  004.jpg  006.jpg

001.jpg  010.jpg  019.jpg  022.jpg  026.jpg

Gallery Links:
– Candids > 2013 >February 26th: Shops at Decades on Melrose, Los Angeles
– Candids > 2013 > February 20th: Out shopping in West Hollywood

10th Annual Global Green USA Pre-Oscar Party in Hollywood

Posted by Aniek on Feb 21st, 2013 • Gallery ,News ,Public Events0 Comments

Sophia attended the 10th Annual Global Green USA Pre-Oscar Party in Hollywood. I added a bunch of HQ pics to the gallery.

002.jpg  006.jpg  014.jpg  015.jpg  016.jpg

Gallery Links:
– Public Appearances > 2013 > February 20th: 10th Annual Global Green USA Pre-Oscar Party in Hollywood

Passion Pit & Sophia Bush Get “Carried Away”

Posted by Aniek on Feb 15th, 2013 • Media ,News0 Comments

Here’s another nontraditional Valentine’s Day love story for you (although, it’s more in line with the holiday than, say, Lil Wayne‘s V-Day offering): Passion Pit‘s “Carried Away” music video. Sophia Bush (of One Tree Hill fame) stars with frontman Michael Angelakos in the the playful clip, detailing their relationship through the good times and the bad via subtitles. A rebellious and competitive Sophia Bush spends half her time being cute and spunky and the other half mad at her boyf, who goes to great lengths to apologize to her each time (“sorry” in skywriting — good luck topping that today, fellas).

Their angry words come back to haunt them (literally) at the end of the video, but they’re able to fight them off (again, literally), which seems fitting for this bouncy, upbeat track. We’ll leave it up to your Valentine’s Day mood to decide whether the happy ending means happily ever after.


Missing One Tree Hill season 2 screencaps

Posted by Aniek on Feb 14th, 2013 • Gallery ,One Tree Hill ,Screencaptures0 Comments

I added all the missing screencaps of season 2 of One Tree Hill to the gallery. My plan is to finish the whole One Tree Hill screencap section. Keep checking back for more updates!

001.jpg  062.jpg  030.jpg  079.jpg  245.jpg

302.jpg  022.jpg  062.jpg  185.jpg  022.jpg

066.jpg  026.jpg  081.jpg  050.jpg  079.jpg

017.jpg  043.jpg  079.jpg  010.jpg  170.jpg

Gallery Links:
- One Tree Hill > Season 2 > Screencaps > 2.15 – Unopened Letter to the World
- One Tree Hill > Season 2 > Screencaps > 2.16 – Somewhere A Clock Is Ticking
– One Tree Hill > Season 2 > Screencaps > 2.17 – Something I Can Never Have
– One Tree Hill > Season 2 > Screencaps > 2.18 – The Lonesome Road
– One Tree Hill > Season 2 > Screencaps > 2.19 – I’M WIDE AWAKE, IT’S MORNING
– One Tree Hill > Season 2 > Screencaps > 2.20 – LIFETIME PILING UP
– One Tree Hill > Season 2 > Screencaps > 2.21 – WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN
– One Tree Hill > Season 2 > Screencaps > 2.22 – The Tide That Left and Never Came Back (1)
– One Tree Hill > Season 2 > Screencaps > 2.23 – The Leavers Dance (2)

“Partners” missing screencaptures added

Posted by Aniek on Feb 12th, 2013 • Gallery ,Partners (2012-?)0 Comments

I added the missing screencaptures of Sophia’s canceled project “Partners”. I added the 4 missing episodes. Enjoy! I am also working on adding missing OTH captures.

006.jpg  035.jpg  079.jpg  242.jpg  275.jpg

006.jpg  077.jpg  090.jpg  146.jpg  160.jpg

006.jpg  051.jpg  166.jpg  183.jpg  240.jpg

007.jpg  030.jpg  162.jpg  194.jpg  239.jpg

Gallery Links:
– 2012 – Partners > Season 1 > Screencaptures >S01E03: The Jeter Exception
– 2012 – Partners > Season 1 > Screencaptures >S01E04: The Key
– 2012 – Partners > Season 1 > Screencaptures >S01E05: 2 Broke Guys
– 2012 – Partners > Season 1 > Screencaptures >S01E06: Temporary Insanity

Sophia Bush: West Hollywood Drycleaning Stop

Posted by Aniek on Feb 10th, 2013 • Candids ,Gallery0 Comments

Picking up a slinky red dress for an upcoming special occasion, Sophia Bush stopped at the dry cleaners in West Hollywood on Tuesday afternoon (February 5). The “One Tree Hill” star was dressed casually for her errands in a gray top, darker gray leggings, and black ankle boots.

I also added candids of Sophia leaving Sayers nightclub that night!

001~62.jpg  002~54.jpg  003~48.jpg  004~41.jpg  008~17.jpg

001~61.jpg  002~53.jpg  003~47.jpg  004~40.jpg  005~31.jpg

Gallery Links:
– Candids > 2013 > February 5th: stopped at the dry cleaners in West Hollywood
– Candids > 2013 > February 5th: leaving Sayers nightclub in Hollywood

Sophia at the Farmer’s market (pics)

Posted by Aniek on Feb 4th, 2013 • Candids ,Gallery0 Comments

I added more pics of Sophia’s trip to the market on Saturday. Enjoy!

037.jpg  047.jpg  058.jpg  065.jpg  049.jpg

Gallery Links:
– Candids > 2013 > February 3rd: At the Farmer’s Market in LA

Sophia at the Farmer’s Market in LA

Posted by Aniek on Feb 4th, 2013 • News ,Sophia's Instagram0 Comments

Meeting a cute baby animal would be enough to make most people forget their surroundings and launch into an attack of cooing and gushing. 

But Sophia Bush and her friend got so excited as they got up close and personal to a baby goat that it resulted in a somewhat embarrassing wardrobe malfunction. 

The 30-year-old actress spent Sunday visiting Los Angeles Farmers Market with a group of pals, and seemed positively delighted when she was handed the adorable animal for a cuddle.

Doting on the fluffy friend and grinning from ear-to-ear as she cradled her in her arms, the former One Tree Hill star appeared to be having a whale of a time as she enjoyed her day out at the market.

Posting a snap on her Twitter page of her snuggled up to super-cute ‘Janis’, Sophia said: ‘This is Janis. She is 4 days old. And she is my favorite part of the #FarmersMarket. #BuyLocal.’



2013 Inauguration Party in Washington

Posted by Aniek on Jan 21st, 2013 • Gallery ,News ,Public Events0 Comments

Sophia attended two events regarding the 2013 Inauguration Party in Washington. I added tons of HQ’s to the gallery.

001.jpg  002.jpg  005.jpg  010.jpg  004.jpg

001.jpg  002.jpg  003.jpg  004.jpg  006.jpg

Gallery Links:
– Public Appearances > 2013 > January 20th: Google, ELLE, & The Center For American Progress Celebrate Leading Women in Washington
– Public Appearances > 2013 > January 20th: Planned Parenthood & Rock The Vote 2013 Inauguration Party in Washington

OurTime.org Inaugural Youth Ball Generation Now Party

Posted by Aniek on Jan 20th, 2013 • Gallery ,Public Events0 Comments

Sophia was spotted while attending the Inaugural Youth Ball hosted by OurTime.org on January 19, 2013 in Washington, United States. Check out 3 HQ’s for now. More will be up if and once I find them!

001.jpg  002.jpg  003.jpg

Gallery Links:
– Public Appearances > 2013 > January 19th: OurTime.org Inaugural Youth Ball Generation Now Party in Washington DC

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