Discount Golf Clubs Without Sacrificing Quality

Buying discounted items does not always mean having to forgo the quality check. With careful scrutiny of the material and how such item was made, one can easily determine if it has been cheaply made, or if the materials are not as durable as they appear.

For example, in buying discount golf clubs, one must be able to dissect the parts of a club first. From there, one can determine if the golf club is still of good quality or not.

A golf club is composed of 5 distinct parts, each with a corresponding function, and a preferred material.

The long part of the club is called the shaft. Shafts are often about 0.5 inches in diameter, and has a length that ranges from 34 to 48 inches. Longer shafts are preferred for woods and drivers for added driving speed, while shorter shafts are preferred for irons and wedges for those more accurate shots. However, the standard length of shafts for drivers being used in professional tournaments are at 44.5 inches.

To determine whether discount golf clubs have good shafts, its must be made a tapered tube of steel or graphite, with a weight which can range from 45 to 150 grams. Again, the weight will have to depend on the type of club – woods and drivers are preferred if they are lighter, while irons and wedges are best when they are on the slightly heavier side. Skilled players also prefer the heavier shafts because of the more compact swing it can give, allowing for more accurate shots.

Another component part of every golf club is the head. The club head is the part that touches the ball, and the buyer must consider its size and shape prior to purchase. Discount golf clubs that are made of metal like titanium or steel are considered to be of good quality. The shapes would depend on the purpose of each club. Those with convex faces and hollow bodies are used for long distance shots, while those with flat faces and longer bodies are preferred for precise shots. There are also heads made for short-distance shots, which are specifically designed to allow the ball to roll smoothly on the grass and onto the hole.

Golf AccessoriesThe grip is the part which is located at the top of the shaft which allows the player to have a firm hold of the club. It is usually composed of one or more leather strips, while some prefer rubber or synthetic material. The choice of grips would depend upon the comfortability of the player, and may even be customized.

One of the more overlooked parts of golf clubs are the hosel and the ferrule. The hosel is the part of the club head which attaches to the shaft, while the ferrule is the trim ring on top of the hosel which secures it to the shaft. Good discount golf clubs should have a ferrule that is securely in place to make sure that the club is intact regardless of the number of swings. It is also worth noting that the hosel and the ferrule play important roles in the general balance and power of the club and must not be taken lightly.

There are the major considerations when browsing through discount golf clubs.

Other factors can also include one’s budget, age, skills, and general comfortability with the clubs. Nonetheless, there are different golf clubs available which easily suits each player. In fact, some manufacturers designed clubs that are especially made for women, while there are also some specifically for beginners.

When buying these sporting equipment, it is always best to take time and browse through all the options available. One must make sure that his money will be put in a good investment.

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