Consider the Following in Buying HCG Drops

Here are some of the things that you probably do not know about HCG drops. This diet product comes from a hormone, a bodily hormone from females. High amounts of this hormone are secreted in the body when the female is pregnant and its presence is detected through urine test. This is why when a woman suspects that she is pregnant, she undergoes a urine test. It is actually the amount of HCG in her urine that is measured.

A few drops of urine are needed to facilitate the test. A pregnancy test kit can do the job, which is available in many local drugstores in your area. This is an over-the-counter medical kit, in which case no prescription is needed when buying one.

HCG-dropsHCG drops also are being sold in the market without the prescription of a doctor. In fact, the Food and Drug Authority has not issued a formal statement regarding the safe use of the product yet. However, HCG drops have been distributed by local suppliers to the market in a legal way. The fact that the FDA or the local government has not issued a memorandum or an order to stop the distribution and marketing of the product is more obvious in where it stands in all these. It is highly impossible that they are not aware or do not know about HCG drops because they are constantly on the lookout for new products in the market.

They monitor the consumer market with hawk eyes. The reason why they are not doing anything to stop the distribution is probably because they cannot find enough evidence to refute the potency of the product. Many people have reported positive effects of HCG and the claim that the product really works is outstanding. It is up to you to decide whether to believe it or not, but when you do, please make sure that your decision is based on educated research.

In fact, a lot of doctors now are prescribing the product to their patients. It is just a natural thing to do to consult your doctor about this. If there is one person who can best advise you whether or not to take the product, it is your physician. He knows the properties and the components of the product more than you do and much more than what any other marketing campaigns that you can find anywhere.

It is interesting to note that the product can produce results in just a few days or weeks.

Each person taking the product may not produce the same results all at once. Others may notice the decrease in their weight after several days or weeks but some may say that they lost weight in just two days of taking the product. Another challenge would be in finding a reliable supplier of the product. If you check, there are many stores selling the product. Try to check if this is available in your local drug store.

HCG-InjectionsIf you know somebody who is into HCG drops, find out where he gets the product. Check the manufacturing date and the expiry date of the bottle. Do not just find out the benefits of the products but the possible risks as well. It pays to know what you are taking. Even men can take this supplement even if its main ingredient was extracted from the body of a woman. There has not been any incompatibility issues reported. There are HCG clinics that perform HCG injections to patients. This can be costly and other people may faint at the sight of an injection needle. With HCG drops, no more injections are needed.