A Brief History of Embroidered Patches

Embroidered patchesEmbroidered patches are popular items used to spice up garments and accessories. They are commonly sewn or ironed-on to uniforms, casual clothes, jeans, hats, hankies, jackets, and other fabric articles. These cloth adornments are not just worn for decorative purposes. They are also personal expressions of uniqueness and individuality. Ever wondered when these tiny embroidered adornments started to make waves in the fashion industry? Let’s take a quick trip down memory lane and learn its history in this article.

Meant to Mend and Decorate

According to research, embroidered patches first entered the clothing industry during the 3rd Century BC in China. The tiny cloth pieces aren’t originally meant to adorn dresses. Rather, the ancient dressmakers use them to mend holes, tears and clothing mishaps. After patching up the clothes, they add intricate designs around the patched areas to enhance its look and make it beautiful. This way, no one will suspect that the clothing is actually damaged beforehand. Other civilizations followed China’s suit and started making their own embroidered fabric patch. People started to embroider designs into small-sized cloth pieces which resemble the modern-day patch. The Babylonians, Egyptians and Phoenicians extensively used these small embroidered fabrics in their robes, curtains, beddings and daily wear.

The Dawn of Mechanized Embroidery

The embroidered patch already existed even before sewing machines did. Ancient seamstresses embroider small pieces of cloth by hand and sew them on dresses and robes. They used a variety of stitches such as stem stitch, satin stitch and back stitch to create their tiny masterpieces. However, modernization slowly took over the traditional way of embroidery. The Industrial Revolution saw the birth of sewing and embroidery machines.

American pioneer Alphonse Kursheed created the first embroidery machine in 1873. His machine was inspired by hand embroidery, looms and textile making. The new machine used multiple needles to sew and embroider on clothes. Another talented sewing pioneer named Isaac Grumble was inspired by Crushed machine and created a simpler one which used a continuously threaded needle and a shuttle. Grumble’s machine was known as the Stiffly Machine and became the basis for the modern sewing machines that we have today.

The Start of Widespread Use

Public awareness and use of the patch significantly increased as modernization of embroidery techniques started. The patch became a staple in various organizational units throughout the globe. For instance, military units started to wear uniforms with their patched insignia visible on the uniform’s sleeves. A patch signifies the soldier’s rank and skill, and wearing them boosts up their morale. Military medical teams also started to use the patch for their uniforms. These people wore the bright Red Cross patch sign on their uniforms for easy identification during a battle. Even civilian citizens started using patches on their clothes as symbols of organization affiliation and unity. The 1970s and 1980s saw an extensive use of patched garments and accessories worldwide.

Modern-Day Patch Creation

Thanks to digital technology, creating a patch is easier than ever today. Designs are made and uploaded on computers who convert these to digital proofs. These are then used to create the embroidery on small pieces of cloth via computerized sewing machines. The finished product is then sewn on to the clothes or applied with a special iron-on adhesive backing that enables easier patch application by heat. Modern patches can now be made in bulk for organizations and individuals alike.

Then and Now

During the early days, seamstresses created a unique custom patch for each clothing that needs to be mended. Today, patch design can still be customized to fit anyone’s fashion taste. It’s easy to have a batch of custom-made embroidered fabric patches done. Patch shops such as patches4less.com offers an easy way of ordering and creating the perfect patch for any client’s needs. Be it a patch for the school uniform, company souvenir, or kid’s clothes, patches4less.com can surely do it! Why not try out their patch services today?

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The Different Motivational Speakers By www.motivational-speaker-success.com

Sometimes, it is not enough to hire a knowledgeable person to talk about specific topics or just generic ones to a large group. Although these people possess the needed information, they may not be able to relay them to an audience effectively. This is where the need to hire experienced speakers enters into the picture.

Let www.motivational-speaker-success.com let you know what are motivational speakers and what are they for.
What are Motivational Speakers?

Motivational speakers, also referred as inspirational speakers, are individuals who have public speaking skills. They make speeches generally to challenge the listeners, to enlighten them, and/or to evoke positive changes to them. Motivational speakers can talk about a wide variety of topics, from profound meaning of life to strategies on how to increase sales.

Good Speakers

Speaking to different conferences and other settings is the job of motivational speakers. It may appear easy, but preparing the perfect speech can actually be tedious. The amount of traveling they do is also tremendous. They had to meet with their clients from different states and organizations.

Usually, the payment for motivational speakers includes their food during their stay with their clients. Transportation fee is also included for some instances.

The Different Kinds of Motivational Speakers

www.motivational-speaker-success.com listed below the different kinds of speakers. Our objective is for you to know which kind to pick for your upcoming gathering.

Keynote Speakers

These speakers integrate the theme of the convention or conference to their speeches. They create a topic to talk about that is closely related to the theme of the event.

There are times when keynote speakers are hired to conclude a conference. They then make a summary about all the subjects that were raised and discuss. Their goal is to ensure that every information is clear and well translated to the listeners.

Corporate Speakers

These speakers have either an experience in the corporate world or an expensive knowledge about it. Their line of expertise includes business, management, sales, operations, and often, the relationship between the employees as well. Corporate speakers are hired for company conventions, both for the executives and for the entire organizational structure.

Motivational speaker

Most of their topics revolve around strategic methods that will help the business improve. The speakers do not only inform corporate people; they also motivate them to work efficiently to achieve their desired outcome.

Environmental Speakers

These speakers advocate green living. They talk to a wide variety of audience, from students to the general public. Their goal is to brief their audience regarding the changes that are happening to our environment, such as climate change. They also encourage the listeners to initiate activities that will save Mother Earth from further destruction.

www.motivational-speaker-success.com had observed that these speakers are usually hired whenever a natural calamity is projected to occur. During these cases, they are to talk about how to face the calamity with ease, what to do when problems pop out, and where to go in need of evacuation. They also talk to different communities about topics like cleanliness, planting trees, and caring for the forests and rivers.

Health Speakers

Health speakers, quite obviously, have expertise in health. They talk to hire awareness to the public about different diseases, such as cancer, diabetes, chronic heart disease, and HIV. They also suggest ways on how to prevent these diseases. Health speakers also speak to different communities.

Motivational speakers

They also tackle topics on mental health. They know methods that can help people suffering from various mental conditions cope with their condition. They also encourage the patients to be optimistic, strong, and courageous in their battles. Some of these health speakers have also experienced battling with serious illnesses, which is exactly why they are able to help other patients.

Youth Speakers

These speakers have the skills to talk and deal with young people. They know what tone to use when interacting with the youth. They also know how to engage them, how to rekindle their curiosity, and how to inspire them to become better persons.

Youth speakers can speak about various topics that are apt for teenagers and the early-twenties, like substance addiction, mental health, education, career, family, religion, and relationship. Before going straight to their speech, they usually strive to befriend their audience first, so that they will be trusted and listened to.

Effective youth speakers are those which carry success stories with them. A good example are those who were involved to illegal drugs during their teenage years, found out that those substances have nothing but negative effects, and learned to successful release themselves from their vices or addiction. They have their own experience to share to young people of today.

Lifestyle Coaches

Last to www.motivational-speaker-success.com list of motivational speakers is the lifestyle coaches. These speakers aim to change the lifestyle of their listeners. They motivate them to eat the right food, engage to fitness activities, learn new things, become a good citizen, and wear the ideal clothes for them.

Lifestyle coaches also have individual clients that they help in a daily basis. There are a lot of celebrity lifestyle coaches that cater other celebrities, as well.

Discount Golf Clubs Without Sacrificing Quality

Buying discounted items does not always mean having to forgo the quality check. With careful scrutiny of the material and how such item was made, one can easily determine if it has been cheaply made, or if the materials are not as durable as they appear.

For example, in buying discount golf clubs, one must be able to dissect the parts of a club first. From there, one can determine if the golf club is still of good quality or not.

A golf club is composed of 5 distinct parts, each with a corresponding function, and a preferred material.

The long part of the club is called the shaft. Shafts are often about 0.5 inches in diameter, and has a length that ranges from 34 to 48 inches. Longer shafts are preferred for woods and drivers for added driving speed, while shorter shafts are preferred for irons and wedges for those more accurate shots. However, the standard length of shafts for drivers being used in professional tournaments are at 44.5 inches.

To determine whether discount golf clubs have good shafts, its must be made a tapered tube of steel or graphite, with a weight which can range from 45 to 150 grams. Again, the weight will have to depend on the type of club – woods and drivers are preferred if they are lighter, while irons and wedges are best when they are on the slightly heavier side. Skilled players also prefer the heavier shafts because of the more compact swing it can give, allowing for more accurate shots.

Another component part of every golf club is the head. The club head is the part that touches the ball, and the buyer must consider its size and shape prior to purchase. Discount golf clubs that are made of metal like titanium or steel are considered to be of good quality. The shapes would depend on the purpose of each club. Those with convex faces and hollow bodies are used for long distance shots, while those with flat faces and longer bodies are preferred for precise shots. There are also heads made for short-distance shots, which are specifically designed to allow the ball to roll smoothly on the grass and onto the hole.

Golf AccessoriesThe grip is the part which is located at the top of the shaft which allows the player to have a firm hold of the club. It is usually composed of one or more leather strips, while some prefer rubber or synthetic material. The choice of grips would depend upon the comfortability of the player, and may even be customized.

One of the more overlooked parts of golf clubs are the hosel and the ferrule. The hosel is the part of the club head which attaches to the shaft, while the ferrule is the trim ring on top of the hosel which secures it to the shaft. Good discount golf clubs should have a ferrule that is securely in place to make sure that the club is intact regardless of the number of swings. It is also worth noting that the hosel and the ferrule play important roles in the general balance and power of the club and must not be taken lightly.

There are the major considerations when browsing through discount golf clubs.

Other factors can also include one’s budget, age, skills, and general comfortability with the clubs. Nonetheless, there are different golf clubs available which easily suits each player. In fact, some manufacturers designed clubs that are especially made for women, while there are also some specifically for beginners.

When buying these sporting equipment, it is always best to take time and browse through all the options available. One must make sure that his money will be put in a good investment.

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Consider the Following in Buying HCG Drops

Here are some of the things that you probably do not know about HCG drops. This diet product comes from a hormone, a bodily hormone from females. High amounts of this hormone are secreted in the body when the female is pregnant and its presence is detected through urine test. This is why when a woman suspects that she is pregnant, she undergoes a urine test. It is actually the amount of HCG in her urine that is measured.

A few drops of urine are needed to facilitate the test. A pregnancy test kit can do the job, which is available in many local drugstores in your area. This is an over-the-counter medical kit, in which case no prescription is needed when buying one.

HCG DropsHCG drops also are being sold in the market without the prescription of a doctor. In fact, the Food and Drug Authority has not issued a formal statement regarding the safe use of the product yet. However, HCG drops have been distributed by local suppliers to the market in a legal way. The fact that the FDA or the local government has not issued a memorandum or an order to stop the distribution and marketing of the product is more obvious in where it stands in all these. It is highly impossible that they are not aware or do not know about HCG drops because they are constantly on the lookout for new products in the market.

They monitor the consumer market with hawk eyes. The reason why they are not doing anything to stop the distribution is probably because they cannot find enough evidence to refute the potency of the product. Many people have reported positive effects of HCG and the claim that the product really works is outstanding. It is up to you to decide whether to believe it or not, but when you do, please make sure that your decision is based on educated research.

In fact, a lot of doctors now are prescribing the product to their patients. It is just a natural thing to do to consult your doctor about this. If there is one person who can best advise you whether or not to take the product, it is your physician. He knows the properties and the components of the product more than you do and much more than what any other marketing campaigns that you can find anywhere.

It is interesting to note that the product can produce results in just a few days or weeks.

Each person taking the product may not produce the same results all at once. Others may notice the decrease in their weight after several days or weeks but some may say that they lost weight in just two days of taking the product. Another challenge would be in finding a reliable supplier of the product. If you check, there are many stores selling the product. Try to check if this is available in your local drug store.

HCG injectionsIf you know somebody who is into HCG drops, find out where he gets the product. Check the manufacturing date and the expiry date of the bottle. Do not just find out the benefits of the products but the possible risks as well. It pays to know what you are taking. Even men can take this supplement even if its main ingredient was extracted from the body of a woman. There has not been any incompatibility issues reported. There are HCG clinics that perform HCG injections to patients. This can be costly and other people may faint at the sight of an injection needle. With HCG drops, no more injections are needed.